Chesney’s Stoves

From the Simple Tradition of the Salisbury to the Clean lines of the Milan, quality flows throughout the whole Range.


Chesneys range of multi-fuel and wood-burning appliances are both highly efficient and easy to use, with a single air control and a unique air wash system you are always in control of your stove. The majority of the stoves in the Chesneys stove collection are multi-fuel and offer the user the opportunity to burn their fuel of choice with a simple fuel selector, alowing you to maintain the stoves efficiency and clean burn. 

Double baffle system and a unique air flow all chesney models are Defra approved for use in smokeless zones, this confirms the high efficiency and clean burn that all of the Chesneys range offers.  



With sizes ranging from 4kw to 12kw there is always a size to suit, Chesneys have produced a sophisticated range of designs incorporating both traditional and contempory styles that are on disply in the showroom on both cold and live display, so you are able to see the fires performing at there best.



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