Stoves offer a free standing focal point to any room.



Woodwarm offer a wide range of fires with a traditional look but with all the modern technology and now with the new Phoenix range in both multifuel and gas they have moved away from the traditional look for a more modern, sleek design with all stoves available in a variety of colours there will be anything to suit your home.

Their range of stoves can be your main heating source in your home due to Woodwarm have been developing their stoves for the last thirty years to meet the customers unique needs.

The double-sided Fireview range in a 6kw and 12kw is the ideal option for heating two rooms and offers a fantastic view from either side, kept burning cleanly by the fantastic airwash technology that Woodwarm have created.



The full range of Woodward stoves combines the virtues that Woodwarm has incorporated into every product.

With the classic clean burn system, generating a clear and clean view of the fire with a high efficiency rating you won't fail to be impressed. 



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