Alfa Pizza Ovens - the real deal from Italy for an authentic wood-fired flavour.

If you're thinking of buying a wood-fired pizza oven then get the real deal - an Alfa wood fired oven. Entirely crafted in Italy and committed to producing the world's finest wood-fired ovens for over 40 years. Easy to use, easy to move, and a true design statement for your garden or balcony.

5 minuti wood fired pizza oven shropshire

wood fired pizza oven shropshire


Our Alfa wood-fired pizza oven range

We offer three Alfa pizza ovens: the Ciao, 5 Minuti and Cupola wood-fired pizza ovens. We also offer a range of tables to give you more space to create your favourite wood-fired pizzas in your own back garden. Scroll down to see our wood-fired pizza ovens in more detail.

Alfa wood fired pizza oven range at Continental fires 

Why choose an Alfa pizza oven?

Sure you can buy a metal box labelled as a pizza oven from your garden centre, but for a little more you can have the real deal which you and your family will enjoy using.

Alfa ovens use multiple layers of high quality ceramic fibres to completely surround the oven to maintain cooking temperature and economical use of fuel.

The unique baffled air flow system ensures more circulation of flame and heat allowing the oven to reach higher temperatures much faster.

Lined with refractory brick, your Alfa pizza oven will retain heat for longer due to superior heat absorption.


Alfa wood fired pizza oven Shropshire - advantages over other pizza ovens


The Ciao pizza oven

Ciao Alfa wood fired pizza oven Shropshire wheeled version

ciao wood fired pizza oven Shropshire

ciao alfa pizza oven west midlands

The Ciao is a refractory wood-fired oven, the ideal solution for pizzas, bread, roasts, mixed grills (meat, fish, vegetables), meals cooked in dishes, cakes and whatever you wish to bake in a conventional oven giving the succulent flavours only a wood fire can offer. 

Easy to move, easy to use. Large castors designed to conveniently move the oven anywhere.

The oven has a refractory cooking surface with stainless steel dome. It quickly reaches operating temperature, and the progress of baking can be checked at a glance.

  • From the innovative design, the Ciao features stainless steel parts and parts treated with powder coating, resistant to high temperatures.
  • The roof of the oven is entirely made of stainless steel, allowing it to reach high temperatures in a few minutes with the use of just small amounts wood.
  • The cooking floor is made of interchangeable hollow refractory tiles with a thickness of 3 cm, which store heat and transmits it to the food being cooked.
  • The ceramic fiber insulation isolates the oven and keeps the heat inside the cooking chamber.
  • To all the Alfa ovens there is a pyrometer, which indicates the temperature in the combustion chamber, allowing simple and direct control.
  • The door, equipped with a comfortable wooden handle to grip, allows you to adjust the ventilation easily by controlling the fire inside the oven.
  • The two slots below the mouth of the oven are designed to accommodate the door, making it possible to always have it at hand.
  • Our Ciao arrives ready to be used. Just put in the flue and assemble the legs and wheels with a few screws. Easy!

Available in Yellow and Grey.


The 5 Minuti pizza oven

Ready to cook in just 5 minutes! The 5 Minuti is a compact wood-fired oven for bread and pizza with castors for easy moving. This wood-fired oven is designed for balconies, terraces and gardens. Refractory oven floor and stainless steel dome to rapidly reach cooking temperature.

wood fired pizza oven shropshire

5 minuti Alfa wood fired pizza oven shropshire

  • The size is large enough to cook 2 pizzas in 90 seconds, and 2 kg of bread with every oven load.
  • Wood-fired oven with castors. Includes parts in stainless steel and powder coated parts that are resistant to high temperatures.
  • It is installed on a trolley designed with a large stainless steel handle on the side and two castors for easy and light moving.
  • The cooking surface is made of interchangeable refractory tiles.
  • The stainless steel dome is designed to reach high temperatures while consuming very little wood.
  • Ceramic fibre insulation ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven.
  • The stainless steel door is fitted with a wooden handle enhanced by an ergonomic grip to open and close the oven mouth without risking burns.
  • Temperature and draught can be adjusted by opening and closing the door. When the door is closed, the flame is weaker and cooking takes place by conduction and convection. The open door kindles the flame to brown food for a crisp result.
  • The pyrometer installed inside the oven indicates combustion chamber temperature.
  • The stainless steel front and ledge ensure easy cleaning and comfort when placing food items in the oven. The ledge is extremely useful to place baking trays and dishes.
  • Wood can be neatly stacked in the dedicated oven compartment, to be used when required.
  • 5 Minuti is delivered to your home almost ready for use. Complete the oven by merely inserting the flue and assembling the trolley with a few screws.

Available in Antique Red and Black.


The Cupola pizza oven

Cupola wood fired pizza oven shropshire

Cupola wood fired pizza oven bbq shropshire

Designed by our experts, this traditional wood-fired oven combines Italian elegance and vintage style. Cupola is the result of years of intesive R&D. Our long experience in this field has helped to make Cupola unique - there is no other oven like it.

In contrast to our competitors Cupola is built in 2 pieces for easy installation. Our new wood fired oven Cupola is even more durable, part of what makes it the best selling refractory oven ever.

The contemporary design gives character to your garden or the balcony and you'll enjoy cooking roasts, pasta and pizza outside following our simple wood fired oven recipes.


Bench options and accessories

As well as table top versions, our Alfa pizza ovens can be free standing or inset into benches giving you ample worktop space to create your pizzas.

Alfa wood fired pizza oven tables, bases and stands shropshire

alfa pizza ovens made in italy for an authentic wood fired flavour


Download the Alfa pizza Oven magazine

Packed full of inspiration and recipes to help you get the most from your Alfa pizza oven

Download the Alfa pizza oven magazine 

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